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Prestige Global is a U.S. based international trade and brokerage company specialized in the trade of food, beverages, and housewares. We support domestic and foreign companies in sales, marketing, and distribution. Assistance is also provided in FDA compliance, product labeling, design, and logistics solutions to bring your products straight to the retail shelves. 


We provide a range of customizable services for manufacturers, growers, buyers, and any sourcing need's your company may have. Our large network of brokers and knowledgeable staff provides a great alternative to maintaining your own team saving you time and money.


"Prestige Service For Prestigious Companies"





Prestige Global's main focus is brand building of quality products through an understanding of nutrition and quality control. We beleive good quality food and home products should be more readily available to consumers to provide easier choices for more natural and healthy products


We work with foreign manufacturers who provide quality made products looking to sell in the USA. The complexities and extensive costs of employing a foreign sales rep can make it almost impossible to enter the US market. Our services provide a more cost effective way for companies to enter the United States. Your costs are reduced significantly by avoiding typical salary, travel, food, and lodging expenses required for maintaining a sales group.


Prestige Global serves as your importer of record and handles sales, business relations, logistics, and label/package approval based on your requirements. In certain cases we offer the ability to take ownership of your goods and handle the marketing and sales on our own through separate terms. Below is a list of some of the product areas we deal with. 



  1. Non-GMO,

  2. Organic 

  3. Bio-Nutrient Dense

  4. No Additives

  5. Gluten Free

  6. Soy Free

  7. Kosher

  8. BPA Free

  9. Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) and Perfluorooctanoic Acide (PFOA) Free

  10. Made from recycled material

  11. Fair Trade





Prestige Global provides companies an ability to trade on the global scale. We understand the evolving complexities and time consuming issues of exporting. We work closely with you to lower this burden and help acheive global sales expansion.


We provide all the services of having your own export department, but without headache, difficulty, and high operating costs allowing you can focus on production and everyday operations. USA made products are continually increasing in demand abroad due to the quality, pride, and innovation provided.


With Prestige Global's help, you save the extensive time of research and setup through our vast network and knowledge. Your money is saved by reducing sales rep expenses which include travel, food, lodging, and supplies. Typically these expenses not including a sales team salary can be well within the $100's of thousands of dollars annually. 


The large savings allow you to free up more capital for other business operations. The success of your company is important to us, and we take pride in exporting U.S. made products. Below are a few facts showing the benifits of accessing the global marketplace through export.  


  • Roughly, 3/4 of the world's purchasing power and almost 95% of world's consumers are outside America's borders. (Office Of The United States Trade Representative)


  • According to the international trade commission, small businesses that exported saw an average growth of 37% from 2005 to 2009, compared to the decline of 7% of companies who did not export.


  •  Small and medium-sized companies account for 98 percent of U.S. exporters, but  represent less than one-third of the known export value of U.S. goods’ exports. 


  • ​The U.S. saw a $15.7 billion increase in exports to Canada ($282.5 billion in 2017, up from $266.8 billion in 2016). It was followed by a $14.8 billion increase in exports to China ($130.4 billion in 2017, up from $115.6 billion in 2016) 



Prestige Global is always looking for products that are related to a more healthy lifestyle. From organic foods to water filtration systems; we take pride in supporting companies with the same goal in mind. It's our mission to help companies with quality, organic products grow through sharing their story with like minded retailers and individuals. Contact us today to learn about our distribution services.


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